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Issue 3/ 2018, article 3

Authors: Andrzej Magruk


Keywords: weak signals, uncertainty, future of logistics, novelty, sources


Background: High complexity and variability of the environment, the interconnected market, globalization, technological development, have a decisive influence on the essence of logistics management. In the author’s opinion, an important qualitative research tool useful in 1) mitigating such areas of logistic uncertainty as: complexity, lack of communication, technology, and in particular lack of logistics vision and 2) minimizing information asymmetries between logistics triad actors is „weak signals” (by their identification and analysis). Weak signals are inaccurate early signs of upcoming events that allow to "recognize of unknowable" in confrontation with strong signals that are sufficiently visible and specific.

Methods: In the article were used the results of the method of analysis and logical construction as well as the method of analysis and criticism of the literature as the main research methods. On this basis was performed deductive reasoning.

Results: Scientific results is an attempt to answer the following research questions: 1) what is the relationship between weak signals and sources of uncertainty in the area of logistics?; 2) what are the sources of weak signals in the area of uncertain logistics development in relation to contextual search?; 3) which phenomena, minimizing information asymmetries between actors of the logistics triad can be treated as weak signals heralding strong signals, in extreme cases taking the form of wild cards?

Conclusions: The main problem in this article is focused on identification sources of weak signals as sources of uncertainty in relation to the development of selected areas of logistics. In the author's opinion, the selected research problem has not been taken up in the literature yet. Analyzes of weak signals are very important part of future management (e.g. foresight) and innovation research. In the author's opinion, logistics also belongs to the field where research of „seeds of changes” seems to be indispensable to avoid the effect of "surprise".

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DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2018.258
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MLA Magruk, Andrzej. "Weak signals in logistics in the context of the uncertainty phenomenon." Logforum 14.3 (2018): 3. DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2018.258
APA Andrzej Magruk (2018). Weak signals in logistics in the context of the uncertainty phenomenon. Logforum 14 (3), 3. DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2018.258
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