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Issue 3/ 2005, article 2

Authors: Sergeev Victor


Keywords: controlling, logistics system, Balanced Scorecard, logistic Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Abstract: Russian companies have been paying more and more attention to the concepts and practical aspects of integrated logistics and the delivery chain, in which, not without reason, they perceive the possibilities of improving the economic effectiveness of their companies' operations, as well as increasing their competitiveness in view of the growing expansion of big international corporations into the Russian market. Using integrated logistics methods should be incorporated definitely on the stage of strategic planning of each enterprise, and the management board of the enterprise should possess instruments for assessing the effectiveness of the operation methods on the strategic, tactic, as well as operating level. Controlling plays a significant role throughout the execution of those tasks.

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MLA Victor, Sergeev. "CONTROLLING OF LOGISTIC SYSTEMS." Logforum 1.3 (2005): 2.
APA Sergeev Victor (2005). CONTROLLING OF LOGISTIC SYSTEMS. Logforum 1 (3), 2.
ISO 690 VICTOR, Sergeev. CONTROLLING OF LOGISTIC SYSTEMS. Logforum, 2005, 1.3: 2.
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