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The most popular articles - last 30 days:

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1Marcin Foltyński
Barriers limiting the development of intermodal transport in Poland - the perspective of businesses and public administration
2Danuta Kisperska-Moroń
Virtual logistics as a support for decomposition process of supply chain (conceptual reflections)
3Frank Himpel
Management of strategic coopetition among partners within international airline alliances
4Grzegorz Klimarczyk, Zygmunt Kopacz, Michał Masadyński, Magdalena K. Wyrwicka
Premises to use virtual b2b market - common procurement platform
5Patrycja Klimas, Sebastian Twaróg
Inter-organizational proximity in the context of logistics – research challenges
6Agata Mesjasz-Lech
Forecasting of demand for direct production materials as the element of supply logistics of thermal power plants
7Olgierd Dziamski
The comprehensive intermodal planning system in distributed environment
8Semih Otles, Buket Yalcin
Intelligent food packaging
9Sylwia Konecka
Lean and agile supply chain management concepts in the aspect of risk management
10Danuta Kisperska-Moroń
Logistics competencies of polish companies as a factor of development of virtual supply chains

The most popular abstracts - last 30 days:

All: 14887

1Hans-Christian Pfohl, Katja Müller
Collaboration and communication in a networked economy
2Natalia Szozda1, Sylwia Werbińska-Wojciechowska2
Influence of the demand information quality on planning process accuracy in supply chain. Case studies
3Arkadiusz Kawa, Wojciech Zdrenka
Conception of integrator in cross-border E-commerce
4Janusz Poliński, Krzysztof Ochociński
Selection and application of the touchable elements for blind and people in the Warsaw underground
5Gobinda Chandra Panda1, Pravat Kumar Sukla2
Production-inventory Management model for a weibull deteriorating item with linear demand and shortages
6Katarzyna Zofia Gdowska, Roger Książek
Cyclic delivery-scheduling problem with synchronization of vehicles\' arrivals at logistic centers
7Adam Redmer
Strategic vehicle fleet management - the replacement problem
8Azman Ismail, Yusrizal Sufardi Mohd Yunan
9Sylwia Konecka, Marek Matulewski
Competitive behaviour in supply chains
10Erez Agmoni
The role of kaizen in creating radical performance results in a logistics service provider
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